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We've designed this site to help buyers and sellers in Phoenix Arizona with all of their real estate needs. We’re pretty proud of it, too! Historicphoenix.com has a TON of great features that we think you’re going to LOVE. 

For starters, every available home in Arizona Regional MLS as well as every SOLD property can be found here in these pages. An in-depth analysis of each of the historic districts is here for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re curious about what life is like in the neighborhood today, when it was created, the schools, the restaurants, the shopping… We've tried to include as much information as possible to help you in your search for a new property and to help you understand the value of your current home.

To achieve this, we've made some BIG changes to the old site that was originally designed in 1998 (can you believe that?).  SO many popular changes and ONE that we've gotten scolded for.  The entire site is open for everyone to browse and learn about the historic districts and many other areas of Phoenix. Learn the location of nearby hospitals, grocery stores, banks, etc. and check out the newest restaurants right around the corner -  But, to view properties listed on our website, you’ll need to sign in. We still get yelled at for that – and to be honest, we understand. But, we believe the benefits FAR outweigh that little voice in the back of your mind thinking “I don’t want anyone calling me!”.

Are you past the big GASP yet? Okay – good. You’ll register with 3 pieces of information.  Name, email address and cell phone number.  That’s it. You’ll use your email address as your username and you’ll use your cell phone number as your password (2 things we seldom forget) so, the sign-in is always quick and simple.

Once you’re logged in, you have unlimited ways to let historicphoenix.com go to work for you. Maybe you’re considering selling your home in a certain neighborhood and want to see everything else that’s sold. Yep, you can do that here AND get alerted whenever anything new sells or goes on the market. Maybe you’re looking for a 3 bed 2 bath 2,000 square foot home in your favorite neighborhood, but it HAS to have a pool and a 2-car garage and it HAS to be under $400,000. Just enter your wishes and draw the area on a map. You can have as many custom searches as you wish – and you can set your alerts to every day, bi weekly, monthly or never. It’s up to you. 

And, we’re not going to ignore you once you sign up, either - simply because we just don’t feel like we’re doing our jobs if we’re not letting you know about the newest properties hitting the market or asking how we might be able to help you. But, we’re a friendly bunch and if you REALLY don’t want to be bothered, just tell us and we’ll try our best to skip past your name when we’re giving a shout-out about the latest “OMG House” or letting you know that we’re having one of our evening open houses (always a hit with neighbors, wine and cheese) .. You’ll miss out and we’ll miss you a lot – though, we’ll try and respect your wishes. 

But, just think about giving us a chance to impress you before asking us to ignore you. Our site is designed to help you, so if you’re searching for a home – then let us do what we do, and find you an awesome house. And while you’re at it, maybe get to know us a bit.. We live and breathe houses, so having us on your side – while we're watching and waiting right along with you for the perfect house – is a good thing, isn't it?

Our apologies to all of the people across the valley who have always LOVED to quietly (and privately) drool over our beautiful homes.  The days of privately doing much of anything on the internet are gone, and historicphoenix.com is no different. But, we welcome you along with everyone else if you’re just stopping in to admire some great interiors. We still love doing that after all this time, too. Just let us know when we ask and we’ll provide all of the “House Porn” you can fathom. 

So, are we good? Good. Then we’ll see you on the inside.. 

We hope that you get a TON of info on these pages, and as always, if we can help – Just let us know how!

The Historic Phoenix Group of Homesmart
Ami, Zach, Georgia and Don