Downtown Phoenix Real Estate Services for Our Buyers


"As your agents, we represent you on ANY Central Phoenix property offered for sale,
which means our knowledge is yours. Our past sales, our negotiation skills, our critiques and opinions and our commitment to providing you the protection you deserve. And we cost you NOTHING!"


Real Estate 101

Each real estate purchase has two sides to it.  The seller’s side and the buyer’s side.

When the seller decides to sell, he or she calls a Realtor (known as the listing agent) and they develop the list price, description of the property, real estate commissions and any advertising that will follow. 

Soon after, the listing agent places a sign in the front yard of the property that advertises the agent and lets everyone know that the home is for sale.  The agent also puts all of the information into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and offers other agents (known as the selling agent) a portion of their commission if they bring someone to the property that wants to buy it.


The Rules

Realtors have rules that we must all abide by.  A lot of them in fact!  And one of the BIG rules is called “Fiduciary Duty”, which means that the listing agent has agreed to act on behalf of the seller of the property. 

So, when you’re driving down your favorite street and you pass your favorite house with a for sale sign in the front yard, your first reaction may be to call the number on the sign. But, guess who answers your call?  The Realtor that has been hired by the seller.

Who’s acting on your behalf? No one.


The Solution

If your call is to to the Historic Phoenix Team all of that changes.  It costs you nothing to have Don and his team represent you.  We’re with you each step of the way using years of experience and successful negotiation skills with one interest in mind. Yours.

  • We help you determine the current market value for the property.
  • We help you formulate an offer that’s fair for all parties – not just the seller.
  • We help you resolve problems that may arise with lenders, agents and sellers.
  • We share our invaluable contacts to help with lending, inspections and escrows.  Professionals that we’ve worked with over and over again.
  • We help review the results of inspections and develop strategies to get any problems with the home corrected.
  • and much much more.
  • We’re there for you – working for you and ONLY for you – each and every day until we deliver the keys to your new home and we don’t stop there. 

Let us help find your next home!


We’re always just a phone call away if you have any questions or problems after the sale, too!

Just Call Don at (602) 919-8471


Our goal is to make sure you never need to contact another Realtor – ever.  And if we do our jobs well, you won’t.  A long time mentor, friend and very successful agent from the east coast once told us “If you forget about everything else, and only concentrate on what’s best for your clients, you’ll always be busy agents.”  That’s become a motto of ours and we work hard every day with those words in mind.


We’re here for you when you need us.


Don Mertes and his team at HomeSmart Elite give exclusive attention to our client's individual needs. We provide clients with:


  • extensive knowledge of the downtown and central Phoenix real estate market
  • find the properties that meet your needs
  • and put proven negotiating skills to work for you throughout the home buying process 


ALL at no cost to you.



  • We give independent and unbiased access to all listed properties,
  • We provide pertinent information that may not be readily accessible.
  • We negotiate the best price and terms for you.
  • We will arrange contacts with service providers such as lenders, home inspectors, contractors, attorneys, title companies, and other consultants who have a proven track record with us.
  • We represent you. When you share personal information which aids us in our search for your perfect home, it is kept in the closest confidence.
  • We make an affirmative effort to determine the seller's motivation and weaknesses, and share our findings with you to assist in negotiating on your behalf.


As your agents, we represent you on ANY downtown property offered for sale - 

and the best part is that we cost you NOTHING!

You don't need to sign any goofy contracts to have Don and his team represent you as buyer's agents, and to experience the level of service that's made us a popular choice in the downtown Phoenix neighborhoods. Just give us a call or send us an email describing what type of home you're looking for and we'll get right to work!

Just Call Don at (602) 919-8471