The Country Club Park Historic District in Phoenix Arizona

Country Club Park Historic District boundaries are roughly: Thomas Road to Virginia Avenue, 8th Street to Dayton Street.

Not to be confused with the custom-built County Club Manor neighborhood on the north side of Thomas Road, Country Club Park Historic District is a WW II-era “subdivision” with its own brand of charm and appeal. With few exceptions, the gently curving streets are filled with clean Ranch-style homes, typically 3 bedrooms, averaging around 1500 square feet. Garages are the norm, set to the back property line.

Country Club Park Oval lies at the center of the District. That’s what the signs call it, anyway; the neighbors call it Windsor Park. But whatever you call this small public oval, it is a grassy 2-1/2 acres of city park smack in the middle of Windsor Avenue that feels like an extension of the front yards for the neighboring homes. Resident dogs exercise their legs here as do the soccer enthusiasts who gather for Tuesday night matches. Circled with mature shade trees and historic lamp posts, the Oval is a centerpiece for Country Club Park Historic District. And the evening views of the Central Avenue high rises, just half a mile to the west, are exceptional.

You may notice the lack of sidewalks, an intentional part of the original design for this slimmed-down WW II-era neighborhood. The result is larger front yards (and joggers, dog walkers and cars politely sharing the streets).

North High School borders the district to the east; Coronado Historic District (and all the great restaurants that are popping up there) to the south.